The Armory Show became a circus. Armory Show. She wrote in the Sunday Tribune , "These radical artists are right. The 1913 Armory Show attracted 87,000 visitors in New York City before it traveled to Chicago, where critic Harriet Monroe saw it. Poster: International Exhibition of Modern Art, 1913. Many of the original works have been lost and some of the artists have been forgotten. Image via Wikimedia Commons. He quickly became enamored with the city and decided to extend his … The 1913 Armory Show contained approximately 1300 works by 300 artists. Armory show button and lapel pin, 1913, from the Walt Kuhn, Kuhn family papers, and Armory Show records, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. The list of artists in the Armory Show, while not complete, includes nearly all the artists from the United States and Europe who were exhibited in the Armory Show of 1913. Here is the event that delivered American culture, … The International Exhibition of Modern Art was the first major exhibition of European modern art … Armory Show, 69th Regiment Armory, New York City, 1913. For a century, the 1913 “International Exhibition of Modern Art,” better known as the Armory Show, has served as a shorthand in the history of taste.Here is the exhibition that dazzled American provincialism with European sophistication. Tens of thousands of visitors flooded Manhattan’s 69th Regiment Armory in the winter of 1913 to see the International Exhibition of Modern Art—or, as it was soon to be known, the Armory Show. The Armory Show presents the world’s leading international galleries showcasing works from both modern masters and cutting-edge contemporary artists, and helps the art market thrive through making buying, selling, and discovering art more accessible. About the 1913 Armory Show. Picabia arrived in New York in January 1913 to attend the opening of the Armory Show. On March 29, 1913, two weeks after the show closed, The Literary Digest published a collection of letters to editors around the country under the title, “The Mob as … They were inspired by another major cultural event of 1913, the International Exhibition of Modern Art, or “Armory Show,” which offered the United States of America its first look at groundbreaking work by Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, and Wassily Kandinsky, among a host of other foreign artists. When the Armory show opened in New York in 1913, it caused one of the biggest sensations the art world had ever known. In 1913, the International Exhibition of Modern Art of 1913, popularly known as the Armory Show, brought modern art to America. Armory Show—1913 To represent their slogan, “the new spirit,” the newly formed Association of American Painters and Sculptors selected the Massachusetts Tree of Liberty as their symbol.